“Claim Your Haven” doors open soon!


Are you ready to create an effective space for yourself in your home; a place to unwind, recharge, and just breathe? Do you want to be part of a supportive vibrant community of like-minded dog moms?


I can’t wait to welcome you (and your furbaby, of course) into our cozy new online space!

What is Claim Your Haven?

“Claim Your Haven” is our signature membership that will help you create the space in your home that you crave.


During my ongoing battle with anxiety, I’ve uncovered 6 steps that turned my own home into my haven and I’ll guide you through each step of the journey to your perfect space… with room for your furbaby, of course! (Because, let’s be real: anxiety sucks and dogs don’t.)


In our monthly membership you will master:


  • managing your anxiety and stress by managing your space
  • how to stop overwhelm when deciding where to start
  • uncovering your unique vision of the perfect haven




Enjoy masterclasses and guest appearances by field professionals to help you declutter, plan your project, and prioritize your self-care.


Connect in our members-only group for support, accountability, expert advice, and tons of bonuses (including dog photography tips, of course!)

Sound familiar?


You’re frustrated trying to create an effective space for yourself in your home.


You feel limited by the available space in your home.


You feel trapped in a cycle of keeping up with day-to-day chaos.


You’ve tried other techniques for creating a haven in your home to reduce stress and anxiety with limited or no success.You understand the impact of self-care.


You want a step-by-step method to creating a tranquil space in your home that gives you the room to unwind, sparks your creativity, and allows you to rest beautifully.

Making decisions on creating a space that you love can be an overwhelming task! We are flooded from every direction with “Inspiration!”, “Sale!”, “Hottest Trends!” (and don’t get me started on targeted ads that hit you as soon as you mention new curtains.)


But what if you were confident enough to clearly understand the difference between their perfect home and yours?

Welcome to the Claim Your Haven Success Journey

I’ve uncovered 6 practical steps to turn your home into your haven and I’ll guide you through each step of your success journey. We’ll face your challenges head-on and you’ll find clarity instead of overwhelm.


You’ll have space to quiet your mind, organize your thoughts, and renew your energy.


You’ll know exactly what you need in (and out) of your life.


You’ll be part of a circle of super-supportive dog moms that provide connection, inspiration, and one hell of a cheering section.

The 6 Step Success Journey

Do you want to know which stage of the journey you’re in now? Or what the curriculum will look like when you join?


Download all of that information – including content release dates and the live Q+A schedule – right here!

(Oh, you’ll also be one of the first to know when membership registration opens!)

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