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Curating 2021

I was thinking of small to be my word for 2021… but not small as in unimportant – small as in noticing the details.


The spots on a ladybug or the way a leaf curls as Autumn approaches.


Well worn fabric wrinkles.


Charred candle wicks.


The way the sun hits my houseplants, and faucets, and wood floor.


The gentle wave of a sheer curtain in a cool early spring breeze.


The luscious lack of noise.


The quieting of chaos.


The imperfection of the frames in the haphazard photo gallery of smiling family.


The cool side of the pillow.


Does small sound negative? Uninspired? Resolved to just existing? Its synonyms are unimpressive (tiny, diminished, limited, narrow-minded) so I needed a better word…



cu·​rate | \ ˈkyu̇r-ˌāt
  • to pull together
  • sift through
  • select for presentation
  • choose
  • decide on
  • pick
  • harmonize
  • complement


I decide what I put out into the world and definitely what I bring into mine. I’ve allowed too many uninvited stories, arguments, and people to infiltrate my life and well-being. My Facebook posts through the months of September and October are states of mind in which I don’t want to live.








I feel I did well with “Align” as my 2020 word – at least as far as the evolution of Hounds and Hearth – but there was still something missing. I need to be more careful about what I consume and certainly what others consume when they enter my world.


So CURATE is it. What’s your word for 2021?


  • Carina

    January 15, 2021at9:37 am

    Ah yes! Gratitude is so important. A great habit to start is to keep a journal by your bed and, before you go to sleep, write down 3 things you were grateful for that day.

  • Brigette McNew

    January 2, 2021at7:38 pm

    Gratitude… When I look around I have so much to be grateful for when there are so many others that have so little. So my word this year will be “gratitude”