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Embrace Your Inner Equinox

It’s no secret that my home is my haven. It’s also no secret it is an outward expression of my inner self. In my home you’ll find the serenity I seek as well as the joy I find in the world around me. Whether that joy comes from the interactions with my kitties or the scent of lavender in the halls, you’ll find it expressed in my home.

You’ll also find my ever-evolving disposition! Lately I’ve been yearning for fall and the serenity it brings to my life so I’d like to share few simple ways to revitalize and decorate your home for the autumn equinox.

Autumn Clean

You probably tackled this in the spring so it won’t be quite the monster it was six months ago, but a great deal of clutter, abandoned projects, and waylaid chores can accumulate in that time. Take a few hours, a day, or a weekend to wrap up loose ends and relieve your home from clutter.

You’ll return your home to a more peaceful state and prepare it for the exciting equinox preparations to come.

The Scents
Old books,cups with cones, wool gloves and some candles are on the window.

Can you say pumpkin spice? I’m quite taken with the scent because it brings a warm reminder of things to come. However, if you’re not a fan (whaaaat?) there are many other scents that may say that for you.

Whether you enjoy a soft vanilla, warm maple, or the more adventurous (and daring if you’re watching your sweets!) scent of fresh baked goods throughout your home–there’s a scent for everyone.

Make it warm. Make it serene. Make it say “autumn” for you.

Floral Arrangements
Autumn decor

Floral arrangements can transform your home from day-to-day and season-to-season. Better yet is that floral arrangements can be interpreted in an incredible number of ways.

Autumn is the perfect time to utilize pumpkins, gourds, leaves, branches, and twigs in addition to or instead of flowers. If you prefer that the scent of the real-deal won’t collide with the pumpkin spice candle burning on the mantle, consider utilizing the faux-flower section in your local craft store.

The Color

When it’s time to decide on your table runners and floral arrangements, the palette of candy corn and pine cones may not match the permanent decorative fixtures of your home. If you prefer more non-traditional Autumn flair, consider these equally festive autumn palette alternatives…

  • Make it Daring – Purple can provide a sense of daring confidence to your home, pair it with neutrals or a pop of orange and burnt umber.


  • Make it Lively – Expand your oranges and yellows to include vibrant greens and happy reds: reminders of a season passed.


  • Make it Light – Utilize whites, beiges, creams, tans, and golds to bring the season into full swing. Add a touch of femininity with dusty pinks and saddle brown.


  • Make it Blue – Imagine staring up at the glowing leaves of a Maple through to that soft blue sky above, take a mental snapshot of the colors. Soft blues capture an early, breezy autumn with a touch of the open air: a unique take on a tale as old as time.
Embrace Your Inner Equinox

Now that your home is prepared to embrace autumn, it’s time to embrace it within yourself. The autumn equinox it the perfect time to take a moment to quiet and balance ourselves; to get in touch with our surroundings. Pair your mental change with the physical act of embracing the new.

Breathe the new air as the scent of your surroundings change from a vibrant summer to a cool and mellow autumn. Breathe in the new you as you exchange your light summer clothing for the embrace of your favorite sweaters. Breathe in the quiet of the world as it lines itself with a blanket of tired leaves.

  • Helen

    September 21, 2018at3:18 pm

    Ah, this blog post is giving me all the fall feels! Can’t wait to start decorating 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Carina

      September 24, 2018at6:29 am

      Same here, Helen! I’d love to hear about your results!
      ~ Carina