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Old books,cups with cones, wool gloves and some candles are on the window.

Claim Your Haven

Let’s talk about haven for a minute. When you think of haven, do you imagine a perfectly appointed space with lots of luxurious detail, cozy accessories, and the comforting smell of lavender and fresh flowers lingering in the air? While that sounds idyllic it isn’t always possible and quite frankly, it doesn’t have to be.


Haven is way more than that


I believe havens are portable: they can be carried with you or manifested wherever you are. Just because you aren’t snuggled into a 2-foot deep featherbed surrounded by 6 dozen pillows and an endless supply of herbal tea doesn’t mean that your haven is out of reach.


Many years ago I had a friend that was in a pretty serious car accident. As she waited for paramedics to arrive, she reached for her wallet to pull out a picture of her niece. She would later tell all of us that it was that photo that kept her awake and focused while waiting for help to arrive.No one can argue that she was as far away from “haven” as was possible to get. Yet she found it.

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo

How do you claim your haven? I need to have goodness on the other side of something I dread – whether it’s travel (ugh… flying) or a local networking event (introvert here) – in order to get through whatever it is that’s making me uncomfortable. Life does trip us up on occasion but if you know what works for you and what you need in your “anxiety first aid” arsenal, you’ll be ready for the challenge.

Practical Portables

When traveling, I always try to arrive the night before or in plenty of time to check into my hotel and have several hours to unwind. The first thing I go for is the small case that contains these items:


  • Anxiety Ease or Lavender Essential Oil. If you get pure, food grade oils you can add a drop or 2 to drinking water. I typically use a few drops in the bath and add few drops to a tissue that I put next to my pillow when going to sleep.


  • Small floating candle. Fill a hotel rock glass 3/4 full of water, drop this baby in there and voilà, sparkly little candlelight without having to lug jar candles or holders. They work in the bath too!


  • A scoop (or more) of dead sea salt in a Ziploc bag. Add it your bath or mix a little water in for a body scrub. That will get your energy flowing!


  • One-time use face and hair masks. My way of literally washing off stress…


  • Podcasts and apps – TED Talks, Calm, Audible… There is a very good chance I’m listening to Harry Potter for the 498th time during takeoff.


  • Never underestimate the power of chocolate.