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3 Completely Non-Productive Ways to Wait Out Election Results

This morning, even my cats got in on the Election Day fervor by meowing in my face at 5:29am.


I was at the polls by 6:30am with dozens and dozens of smiling, excited neighbors.

Now what?

Once you have your “I Voted” sticker, the waiting begins. So what do you do while election results are hours away?

Let’s Get (Non) Productive

– Pick up your favorite book and read the same paragraph over and over. Although you’ll never fully comprehend what you just read, it won’t matter since you already know how it ends.


– Polish your dog’s toe nails red, white, and blue.


– Get really brave and polish the cat’s toes too. Bonus: Post pictures of what your arms look like after attempting to polish the cat’s toes.


– Think about doing something productive – clean the fridge, iron the pile of laundry, scrub the bathtub – but spend so much time deciding which to do first that half the day flies by without any actual action.

When all else fails…