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Dog jumps into the water from the shore

3 Tips for Furry Swimmers

Is it just me, or did the smell of chlorine wafting through the streets somehow turn into an overwhelmingly delicious scent overnight?

We’ve all felt the pull of the water. And by the pull of the water I mean the pull on the leash… from our dogs… trying to get to that stream, river, pond, and slightly disgusting puddle for a cool dip.

It gets me thinking of water safety and what we should do as dog-parents to keep our dogs safe. Here are three questions to ask yourself before letting your dog jump in!

Can They Swim?

The most important thing to remember with dogs and water is to let them go at their own pace. Some will be water lovers immediately and jump right in but some have a very timid relationship with water and are less adept at doggy paddling than others.

They could very well sink instead of swim, so let’s not throw them in!

Is It Safe?

Before they get in, be aware of water currents, contaminants/bacteria, and other critters that could cause harm such as snakes and jellyfish. Remember to keep vaccinations up to date and avoid letting them drink stagnant or salt water.

Excuse Me, How Do We Get In?

Getting in and out of the water can be hard on paws. Be mindful of how your dog should get in and out as well as what it will be like walking about. If you’re not sure how your dog and their precious paw will fair, ask yourself this question…

Would I be comfortable walking around without shoes or using my hands to stabilize myself?

Now that you and your dog are well acquainted with the water, enjoy a summer of blissfully cool days enjoyed in the best of ways!