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christmas lights in window

Reflections of Glitter

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

I love glitter and sparkle and color. And isn’t that a perfect description of December?


I’m sitting here under the twinkling lights of my tree, pondering what could be in those packages she is so lovingly guarding when something catches my eye. A small flicker. A tiny flash of movement.


I glance over but it’s gone. And then again; my quiet contemplative moment interrupted by another twinkle. I feel a spark of annoyance.


The next flicker… I catch it. It’s the reflection of my Christmas tree in the glass doors that lead to my kitchen. It is there that I opened the balcony doors to let in some fresh, albeit icy, air. The occasional puff of rain-tattered wind causes the door to flutter and catch the lights just so.


And then it’s as if I’m living in rooms full of Christmas magic – lights bounce off windows and doors and countertops and the shiny screens of sleeping cell phones. Its the most tangible sign of Christmas magic to find me in the craziness of 2020.

I wonder for a moment why the initial interruption annoyed me. Is it because I was aiming for perfection? An Insta-worthy image of perceivingly unreachable bliss? Wasn’t the purpose of that silent moment to be open to ideas and thoughts and magic that typically goes unnoticed?


In a world that is seemingly always asking us to give more, was it so hard to believe that this time it could actually be giving? How many gifts do we miss because we think it impossible? Or ourselves unworthy?


I don’t have the answer but I can tell you that when a flicker catches your eye, stop for a minute and follow it because¬†who couldn’t use a little magic?


~ Carina

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