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Your Home As Self-Care

Why is self-care important?


It keeps us happy, healthy, groomed, confident, and provides us with an opportunity to know and love ourselves. Salons, spas, and gyms help us with some of it; and that vacay time we look forward to every year helps with more but much of that self-care happens at home.

Just as important - especially now when so many are experiencing a far larger portion of their lives at home - is home *as* self-care.

Here’s the difference.


It’s not closing your eyes in the bubble bath, shutting out the world around you while you breathe in the subtle tones of your perfectly curated blend of essential oils. Instead, it’s the peace you experience when you walk into the master bath before you’ve even picked the bath bomb that says “it looks like you’ve had a hard day – take me for a spin.”

Your home should bring you peace, comfort, and an opportunity to heal from whatever tears away at you during your days.


Not just the cup of tea but the kitchen you make it in.

Not just the book but the chair you sit on to read it.

Not just your adoring pup, but the bed they curl up in when you settle down for the evening.

What we see and what we surround ourselves with plays a huge role in our psyches.

Colors, light, and sounds can have positive or adverse affects on our overall beings. So how we decorate our homes and organize our lives (and all of the stuff in it) is so much more important than having that Gram-worthy backdrop to your Sunday morning lounge fest!

What does that mean? It means that we need to start having a conversation about how to transform your home into a haven of self-care beginning with the basics: light, color, and organization.


Outside light is free to move and be how it was intended. It fills the day, filters through the foliage, dances on the water, and is just the right tone for the season it’s in. We need to recreate that sense of out, in!


The first thing is to invite as much natural light into your home as possible with windows. Even a sheer privacy curtain will allow more beneficial light into your home than a lamp can create.


Then ensure that you have enough sources of light in your home. A single bulb hanging from the ceiling in each room may not do. Installing new light fixtures is a simple DIY project and plugging in a lamp is even easier!


Last, the temperature and strength of your lighting. The easiest way to figure out what is right for you is to go to the lightbulb section in the hardware store and discover what kind of temperature of lightbulb you like best.


A general rule of thumb, especially when considering daylight hours during the darker months, is to use a medium to cooler light in your main day fixtures, and a warmer, more yellow and less powerful light in the evenings before bed. 


We’re taught as early as elementary school about the different effects that colors have on our psyches. It’s as true then as it is now! A quick color lesson…


Red is an energetic color that can make us feel our emotions stronger and with our entire body. It’s good in a kitchen or a room intended for lively conversation. 


Blue is serene, it’s proven to have a mentally calming effect on us: a nice choice basically anywhere in your personal haven. 


Green is, in a sense, nature. It brings powerful emotions but tied more directly to serenity, rest, peace, growth, and security.


I encourage you to take a look around your own home and the color schemes. Are your colors energetic: creating a place for conversation and fun? Are your colors mellow and cool: creating a place of calm focus and serenity? Are they warm? Do they reflect the world outdoors and create a peaceful opportunity to meditate?


How do you want your home to look? How do you want your haven to feel? Your color choices can do a lot for you and can be as easy to switch up as an accent wall with a gallon of paint or a few throw pillows on your favorite chair.


There is so much to be said for organization of all kinds. Whether you’re the keep it all type or the Marie Kondo type, it’s important to maintain an effective system of organization in your home.


The goal is to, first, eliminate the visual stress (yes, it does wear on you mentally) of clutter and things that don’t have a “home.” 


For the items on display, especially busier places like book shelves with knick knacks, they should be organized in a way that is pleasing to the eye. Try not to overcrowd the space and compliment size and color placements. 


For items to be tucked away, even closets, cupboards, and chests can be organized with baskets, bins, and boxes. 


And if you’re short on storage space, be creative and have fun hunting for attractive methods to store them in the open. Even things that get tattered, slobbered, and chewed on like your pup’s toys can be tucked away in an easily accessible basket that adds to the room instead of detract from your decor. 


It can be an extensive project turning your home into a haven, but one thing at a time (and one corner at a time) and you can get there.



Would you love a step by step plan to create a haven in your home? Get on the waiting list today for our exclusive Claim Your Haven course by clicking HERE.

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