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books and fireplace

Recipe: Cozy Hot “Chocolate”

I know we’ve been super-duper lucky this winter with our fairly mild weather but it still feels like the season for fireside snuggling. Santa Claus brought us a neat little fireplace for Christmas that now sits at the space in front of the bed. I spend lots of time working, reading, or simply relaxing there.

I’m a huge fan of “gracious space” – to me, our homes are sacred and we should love everything about them! When I’m in a cozy, nesting mood (which is often) or the wind is howling at my window, I love having a mug of tea or hot chocolate (or a hot toddy… yummmm) and wrapping up in a blanket with a good book. Of course, adding a fuzzy companion is always a bonus!

Here is a dog-friendly hot chocolate recipe from the folks at Dalmation DIY.

Hot “Chocolate”

All you need is milk, water, and a dash of carob powder.

A little carob powder goes a long way – a tiny dash is all you need.  If you can’t get carob powder, you can melt and mix carob drops for a similar effect. If your dog is sensitive to dairy including lactose free options, unsweetened coconut milk or straight water may be alternatives.

  • Heat and froth the milk.
  • Pour the majority of the milk into single serving bowls retaining some of your froth
  • Add water to dilute and adjust temperature (serve warm, but not hot).
  • Stir in a small amount of carob powder, top with remaining froth, sprinkle with a dash of extra carob powder and serve.