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a bowl of blueberries on a wooden background

Recipe: Fruit Infused Water

I have to admitĀ that I am terrible at staying hydrated. Just ask that nice paramedic that had to carry me off to the ER after a particularly ill-planned training run.

I know it’s important but I find myself neglecting that plain cup of ice water that sits on my desk. I’m much more likely to get my daily water intake to a respectable level when I add some fresh lemon or a few drops of peppermint oil.

I'll bet your pup wouldn't mind a little water bowl upgrade either.

Here is a refreshing recipe from the folks at Pretty Fluffy for basking in your Summer sun.


Cucumber, Blackberry, and MintĀ Infused Water


  • Fill your pitcher with filtered water
  • Add a handful of washed organic blackberries
  • Wash and chop a small cucumber (or half of a large one) into coin shaped disks and add them to your pitcher.
  • Add 5+ mint leaves
  • Let set for about an hour
  • When serving to your dog, fill their water bowl with just the infused water to avoid choking.