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Got Spots? Cleaning Tips from DG Textiles

With Hairball Prevention Day coming up, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about cleaning carpet stains for when hairball (and other) accidents happen. A huge thank you to our friends at DG Textiles for sharing their top tips!




by DG Textile Care


Anyone that has a pet, has had a pet spot on their carpet. They kind of go hand in hand! As pet owners, we love our furry friends, so we deal with it the best we can.


Over here at DG Textile Care, we see pet spots everyday. It’s probably the number one reason our customers schedule a cleaning. When spot cleaning at home, please keep in mind that the first attempt is the most important. We never recommend multiple attempts with various products. We know there are a lot of over-the-counter commercial cleaners promising to remove everything, but not every spot is the same — just like not every textile is the same.


Compounding different products onto a spot is going to turn that spot into a stain. Spots are removable; stains are permanent.


Our recommendation for spot removal is actually quite simple, and you don’t need a bunch of store-bought chemicals. Clear dish-washing soap and water is the best and least harmful to use when doing an at home spot removal. This remedy can be applied to most pet accidents. We also do not recommend scrubbing, only gently rubbing. It may take longer to remove, but it will increase your odds of actually removing the spot.


I know it sounds too simple — using just soap and water — but, to be honest, we use earth-friendly products everyday. We are not applying a “chemical experiment” to your spot, and you shouldn’t have to either.


If you have a liquid spot, the sooner you get to it the better. Place a WHITE towel on top of the spot and use your body weight to absorb as much as you possibly can. Once you feel that you have absorbed as much as possible, use CLEAR dish-washing soap and water (not too much water) and rub gently (never scrubbing).


Sometimes, after you have cleaned a liquid spot, it will reappear. This is called “wicking”. Wicking is when the substance traveled underneath the carpet and is reabsorbed back into the fibers. This is actually a good thing as it means the spot is working its way out of the carpet.


Our suggestion is to repeat with the cleaning method of soap and water. As much as we would like a spot to magically disappear right away, some spots can be stubborn. For urine odor, we recommend SPRAYING white vinegar on the area, never pour it onto the spot. For other pet spots, pick up any debris first, then apply the soap and water method as mentioned above.

Our recommendation for spot removal is actually quite simple, and you don't need a bunch of store-bought chemicals.

Keep in mind, though, all spots are different. So, if you feel like this remedy is not working for you, please call a professional. Try to resist the urge to use store-bought products, however, if you do, Nature’s Miracle is good to have on hand. Never use anything that has bleach in it. It may remove the spot, but it will also remove the color of your textile. Remember that whatever solution you use on the spot, the product used needs to be removed as well.


If you have a spot on an area rug that is an antique or handmade, we recommend calling a professional for cleaning. Area rugs are not the same as carpeting. For instance, urine can destabilize the colors in a handmade/antique area rug, and applying the wrong solution can cause color bleed.


We hope this information is helpful. DG Textile Care is a phone call away should you find yourself in need of professional textile cleaning.


DG Textile Care