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Ok, so maybe I’m a little… odd.

I have been wanting to do this session since I moved here 10 years ago! I remember the first time I saw “The Exorcist” and how it scared the wits out of me. It’s a Halloween tradition in the house now and it still gives me the willies. (OMG, did you see those deleted scenes in the re-release?! *shiver*)

One of the first dates on went on with my now-hubby was a dinner in Georgetown and a visit to the landmark steps. The view is so very familiar, isn’t it?? (No, I did not order the pea soup.)

Every time Autumn rolls around I think, “Hmm, I wonder if people would think I’ve totally lost my mind.” Then I decided, it’s ok if you do. lol

I want to do this, so we’re doing this!

October 21st from 4pm-6pm, I will be doing 10 minute sessions for your dog on the “Exorcist Steps”. I’ll have some Halloween swag and after your session, you will get a super-shiny, ready-to-hang black-and-white 8×12 metal print. (It has to be black and white, right??)

Tell me how to book, Captain Howdy!

That’s easy – visit this link right here and pick your fav time.

The fine print: LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE. Strictly limited to 2 dogs per session.

Not quite your thing? I still have a couple of openings for traditional Autumn sessions HERE.