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Happy Pet Photo Day!

From the beginning of our lives our brains are wired to read and understand images in a more prominent and dominating way than any other form of communication. With that in mind, it’ no wonder that the first thing you do when checking out a new smartphone is, not to send a text or make a phone call, but to check out the camera specs!


With the billions of photos taken every year thanks to the cameras permanently attached to our person, it’s easy to underestimate the value of pictures in our lives. But images are powerful things. They help us to create memories, shape our identities, and have a more positive outlook on our own lives. When we’re talking about creating memories and capturing identity, I, of course, immediately start to think about our pets.


With so little to say (that we actually understand) we rely greatly on what we see our pets do and how they make us feel to shape our memories of them. Capturing them in their best moments to solidify those memories only makes sense!


If I haven’t sold you yet, check out these three incredible reasons to take and have pictures of your furry friends to look fondly on.

If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.
~ Unknown

Creating Identity


Taking and sharing pictures helps us to capture, create, and shape our identities both to ourselves and those around us. If you’re feeling a little existential and wondering who you are, take a look at what you take pictures of.


Do you take pictures of yourself? The food you eat? The vistas on the way home from work? Your partner? Family? Children? Pets?


“You” may not be as far off as you may have thought! For me… my pictures say that I am an animal lover through and through. Big surprise, right?


When you take pictures of your pets, you also shape their identities in your eyes. When you create an identity for your pet, you make them more human, more family, more relatable, and that means even more loved than they were before you ever thought to pull out your camera!


Positive Memories


The majority of the pictures we take serve the purpose of capturing the good moments in our lives.


So when you look through your phone’s gallery, there’s something to be said for the thousands of pictures that are taking up your cloud space! They are good!


Our brains have this nasty habit of remembering the bad moments in our lives better than the good ones. BUT images have a way of overwriting those bad memories with good ones.


When you come home to the puppy who has escaped their enclosure only to have peed and pooped on your carpet is probably not the best experience you’ll have that day. But the picture you took to show your partner just what chaos you came home to stuck around and a few months down the road you’ll be laughing about the chaos and reminiscing about just how cute, tiny, and fluffy your now 70 pound dog used to be.


Artfully Displaying Your Photographs


Since photographs are so powerfully related to creating positive memories, it only makes sense that having them readily displayed and available for viewing would improve your general mood and level of happiness! You need the things, people, and pets that make you happy proudly displayed where you can be reminded of just how wonderful you have it!


While those phones are great for capturing a moment, those moments are often not centerpiece, artwork quality. For that… consider the last time you had a professional image captured of you, your loved ones, and your pets. The perfect photographer understands the importance of creating life in their photos–of capturing the identities you know and love so well. Celebrate your pet with their own session and have a Happy Pet Photo Day!

  • Kelly Glessner

    July 9, 2019at12:03 pm

    One fall day in 2017; Tucker and I got up early, did our respective hair and got all gussied up to take ‘real’ photos with Fuzzypants at Morven Park. I felt a little silly at the time but loved the outcome; even using one of the photos on my holiday card.

    Flash forward to March 2019; I lost Tuck to cancer. In the times when I missed him the most; it was to those ‘real’ photos that I turned to for comfort and to remember my buddy. No matter how I felt during the photo shoot, I am eternally grateful I did it and will do it again for all my (future) dogs.

    Thank you, Carina for helping to make lasting memories with Tuck.

    • Carina

      July 19, 2019at9:46 am

      Oh my gosh, Kelly – I’m so sad to hear about your loss of Tucker. I’m honored that I was able to provide some comfort for you.