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Golden Retriever

Office Dogs

Oh June… the sun is out (sometimes), the BBQs have had time to warm up, our bags are packed for our summer vacations, and Bring Your Dog To Work Day is just around the corner.

That’s right. Mark it on your calendars because June 23rd is about to become one of your favorite days of the year.

Not only will you be able to take your pick of fundraisers and events that benefit our favorite pets, but you’ll be able to spend the day just enjoying life as it should be… With your dog!

5 tips for bringing your dog to work:

  • Check with your supervision to make sure it’s okay to bring your dog to work. You should also be courteous to your other co workers; ensure that they’re all comfortable having dogs in the office.
  • Be confident in your dogs training and behaviour. The last thing we want is our precious and cherished pets to irritate our co workers or redecorate the office!
  • The morning of, take extra time walking, exercising, and playing with your dog to get rid of some excess energy.
  • Upon arrival set up a space for your dog with a bed, blanket, water bowl, and a favorite toy to make sure they feel at home and safe especially if it’s their first time in your office.
  • As always, add a little sparkle to your day. While chasing the ducks into the pond was fun, make sure your furbaby is smelling fresh, looking their best, and top it off with a new (possibly bedazzled) collar to really impress!



Already transitioned into spending all your workdays with your favorite canines? If you’re building your up-and-coming pet (or pet-friendly) business, see our Small Business Packages.