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Guest Post: International Homeless Animal Day

This month plays host to International Homeless Animal Day and I am honored to feature my friend and colleague, Mindy Dutka of Dogs I Meet. No one does international rescue like Mindy!




The Power of the Photograph by Mindy Dutka


Dogs I Meet has a simple, obsessive philosophy: Every dog I meet has a tale to share with the world.


In January 2019, I traveled to Mexico to photograph and meet the dedicated animal rescuers and the dogs in their care to capture their tales.


I was determined to use the mission to generate awareness of their remarkable work and accomplishments in fighting the stray dog crisis in Mexico.

Before leaving home, loyal supporters of Friends of Dogs I Meet learned of the Mexico mission and promptly donated $6,500 to give to the rescue groups.

The donation of $6,500 was shared with these six animal rescue organizations in Mexico. The funds were spread among the rescue groups knowing that would make the greatest impact for the largest number of dogs.
Photo Credit: Dogs I Meet

What I found to be most fascinating and inspiring was the willingness of each rescue to work together as a team, despite their varying resources and unique approaches to animal care.


It became immediately obvious to me that the groups collaborate amazingly well, sharing equipment, information, and veterinary expertise when possible, all with the common goal of saving abandoned animals.

Photo Credit: Furtography

But far more touching for me was how sweet, loving, and trusting the dogs are despite the horrible way they’ve been discarded. It’s human nature to expect abused animals to react with feral hostility to strangers.


I discovered quite the opposite to be true.


Street dogs in Mexico that have survived unimaginable trauma, starvation, and exposure to brutal elements crave human attention and touch. They want to snuggle. They want to be hugged. They want to be loved.


Mere words cannot properly describe how affectionate these abandoned strays are.

Photo Credit: Lenora Stein Photography

That’s where the power of the photograph plays such a crucial role. The tireless animal rescue workers lack the time and expertise to show in pictures how affectionate and, more importantly, how easily adoptable their dogs and cats are.


As professional dog photographers, my colleagues and I have a unique opportunity to capture the true essence of these beautiful creatures.


We were honored to have the opportunity to venture into the jungle and witness first hand a day in the life of the dogs being given a chance for health and happiness and meet the hero’s who cared for them.

Photo Credit: Dogs I Meet

Every one of these dogs has a tale and deserves a loving home.


As photographers, we are on a mission to show the world our experiences with these loveable dogs and cats.


The work these animal rescue organizations accomplish each day truly takes a village. We invite you to join our village by sharing this story.


Spread the word about these amazing rescue organizations with everyone you know who loves dogs. And cats, too!


And if possible, please make a donation of any amount, as no amount is too small.

Learn more about Mindy and Dogs I Meet at www.dogsimeet.com


Cover photo by The Labs & Co.