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What I See In Your Dog’s Eyes

I’ve been obsessing recently over getting those shots of your dog’s eyes – you know the ones, the super close-ups where I can almost see your exact image mirrored back in them. I’ve been wondering what exactly it is that makes me love those images so very much, what is it that I see in their eyes that fills me with so much joy and optimism that is overwhelming? And I think I know.

I don’t think it’s what I see as much as it is what I *don’t * see. I don’t see sadness, mistrust, cynicism, regret. I don’t see remnants of what might have been a rough past. There is none of the heaviness of negative memories. They are simply in the moment. Right here, right now. Taking in all the energy and joy and playfulness of their surroundings and just… being.

Those eyes remind me to stop and be aware and focus on what is so perfect about the moment that I'm in.

Not on what happened yesterday or what’s coming tomorrow but what I can do, feel, and experience now. And of course their biggest lesson: If it doesn’t spark joy, just walk away with no guilt, no regret, no remorse because there is something wonderful waiting.