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Ready To Make Your Dog Insta-Famous?

Your dog is the cutest thing with four paws to have ever walked on this earth. You know it and now you’re ready for the world to know it. The best way of sharing your precious, perfect, pup with the world is to get his furry face out onto social media. And, of course, me being the photographer that I am, Instagram is my happy place. It’s all about how a picture can say a thousand words – and my guess is that you have more than enough pictures of Fido to fill a classic hardback novel.


The time of photography is certainly upon us. Nearly 1 trillion photos are taken each year now that everyone carries a camera in their pockets and a large portion of those photographs end up posted online.


So how do you get people to look at yours? How do you get the furry mug you love so much into the limelight? It’s so much more than sharing a photo of your furbaby. It’s getting just the right photograph that “says” something about Fido. But a good photo isn’t all you need to make your Dog Insta-Famous!


Don’t miss out on these 3 important tips that will make your photos pop into all the right feeds!


One of the quickest way to draw attention to your Instagram page is to utilize hashtags. Hashtags are a quick way to identify what’s in your picture as well as a way to group your photos with other similar photos online.


Why would you want to be grouped in with other people’s photos?


First, don’t underestimate the cuteness of your pup! Second, people love to spend time scrolling and scrolling through pages specially geared towards their interests.


When you attach #dogsofinstagram to your picture, you’re putting your picture out there with over a hundred million other posts. That should tell you something about the popularity of dogs! But don’t panic, your photos won’t just disappear into the void, feeds often sort by recently posted so you’re not competing with dog photos from a year ago or even yesterday!


You can use more specific hashtags than #dog (209 million) or #puppy (106 million) to bring in a more tailored group of followers. Try being breed specific (#corgi, #germanshepherd, #pitbull, etc), activity specific (#dogadventures, #fetch, etc.), and even location specific (#dcdogmoms, #dogsofnova) to find the followers who will really appreciate your pup and the community you’ve become a part of.


Use the tag search to discover tags most suited to you and Fido. And don’t be afraid to make up your own! (And here is a little secret to help with your planning. Planoly is a great little tool to schedule and  preview your Insta feed.)

Get Involved

Someone who loves food follows many different food profiles; the same can be said for celebrities, politics, athletes, etc. The great news is, there are multitudes of people who love seeing the adventures of your picture perfect dog! Utilize hashtags, similar page searches, and your recommended feed to find similar profiles to Fido’s, follow them, and become part of that community.


Being part of a community, supporting others in their endeavors, and networking is just as important online as it is in your day-to-day life. Following, liking, and commenting on other posts and pages shows your support and starts conversations with those that may have the same interests.


Having conversations and being seen, especially in your niche, will create intrigue bringing people to your page where your perfect pictures and witty headlines will keep them there!

Street Cred!

I’m not talking about live streaming, I’m talking about getting you and Fido out your physical front door. Put a bowtie on him, give him a slick yellow raincoat, let him be seen in the park, and welcome conversations about you and your dog.


What good will this do?


I have a friend in the London area who was taking a Sunday stroll through Regent’s park when she came across a man walking his cat on a leash. She struck up a conversation and one of the first things out of his mouth was to introduce his cat as well as share the cat’s Instagram handle! As soon as she had the opportunity on the train home, she pulled up the cat’s instagram!


Being seen #IRL is an important part of making Fido a star! (Ask @buffsandfluffs about the time I surprised them at Barktoberfest!)

Need some tips on how to get your photos to stand out? My friend Craig at Furtography has the answers right HERE!