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Guest post: Small Space? We Have Art for That!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Purchasing from an affiliate link does not increase your purchase price, but it is a great way to send a virtual hug!

A big warm welcome (and a huge hug) to my friend and colleague Mandi Pratt of Greyboy Pet Prints for these awesome ideas for decorating small spaces! In addition to the small prints and gorgeous albums you can get from a Hounds sand Hearth photo session, Mandi’s custom pet etchings can be a beautiful way to use your dog in your decor.




While beautiful framed artwork hanging on the wall can be stunning and bring interest to a living room, hallway, or bedroom, sometimes we aren’t able to hang art in our living area due to lack of wall space or the walls not being our own. That’s when we can utilize artwork for small spaces that bring an element of coziness and joy to our homes.


With my friends and my Grammy being artists, all of my home’s walls are already full so we have no more space to hang art on our walls. I’ve also had clients with this predicament whether the walls are already full of art or the design of the home doesn’t leave many blank walls with a nice open space to hang art. I know too that rented homes, apartments and private spaces sometimes do not allow art to be hung on the walls as the owners do not want holes in the walls made from the nails and hangers used when hanging art.

Just because you can't have huge artwork hanging on your wall at home doesn’t mean you can’t have art at all or that a smaller piece isn’t as special.

It’s still nice to have an interesting treasure that makes your heart sing, so we find other options to enjoy artwork in small spaces. We can tastefully integrate a charming piece of art by setting it up on a fireplace mantle, on a small table easel on a shelf, or a working space such as a desk. These cute little dog and cat nose artworks are sprinkled throughout my own home. I created these for my own home to remember a special companion no longer with us, as well as celebrate a certain silly kitty boy (my Stuart who is currently curled up in my lap) as well as for my own clients. I wanted to offer an alternative to the larger custom pet portrait etchings I had been creating. Most people commission the handmade etchings as gifts and oftentimes they don’t have a picture handy of their family or friend’s pet or just wanted a smaller thinking of you gift. I’m creating more of the different breed noses, but for now there are 9 variations in my online shop and on Etsy. They are perfect, ready-made gifts.


Just because you can’t have huge artwork hanging on your wall at home doesn’t mean you can’t have art at all or that a smaller piece isn’t as special. I’ve always loved little things: tiny trinkets, smaller jewelry, kittens! and fun little momentos I can hold in my hands and cherish. I believe small is just as meaningful and special.


Learn more about Mandi and her etchings HERE.