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5 Questions To Ask Your Dog Friendly Hotel

Is there anything better than walking into a hotel knowing that someone else will take care of your every wish, that your regular daily grind is on hold, and the pool is open year-round because you’re somewhere lovely and warm?

Yes! All of that… plus the company of your four-legged traveling companion! There’s no reason to leave your dog behind when you stay at pet-friendly hotels. But you, like me and so many others, have probably been spurned by the small print in hotel pet policies before.

Below you’ll find what to look for in hotel pet policies to make your time away from home (but not away from Fido) the best it can be!

What are the fees?

Many hotels have a fee associated with allowing pets. This could be per pet, per night, per room, or (if you’re super lucky) none at all. These may be refundable, but more frequently are not.

Who’s allowed?

Pet-friendly does not necessarily mean all-pet-friendly. Check if there are breed, species, or weight restrictions (less than 25 pounds is common, sorry big dog owners; finding hotels can be a bit trickier for you.)

Can they stay in the room?

Some hotels (but not all) don’t allow pets to be left alone in the room and others require them to be crated/kenneled when you’re away.

What’s the cleaning schedule?

Don’t miss out on the luxury of someone else making your bed! Arrange with the front desk a time that you and your furry companion will be out so that they can clean your room.

Are there unique rules for this particular hotel?

Most hotel pet policies are fairly cut and dry but you can also run into unique rules and requests. These can include specific routes to your hotel room, landscaping that Fido is or isn’t allowed to ‘utilize,’ off-limits areas, leash/crate requirements for coming in and out of the hotel, proper waste receptacles, and just how frequently you are required to let the staff play with and fawn over your perfect and lovable furball!

Do you have any travel tips or favorite hotels?