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How I Screwed Up My Wall Collections, A Confession

I’ve noticed that during my sessions over the last year or so that I almost never rotate my camera. I shoot happily along in landscape mode, taking in the surroundings or zooming in tight to catch that bit of sunlight reflected in your dog’s eyes.


And then I’d sit down with you a week or so later, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over all of your images. Then we’d start to look at them on the wall galleries I had designed.


And that’s when I realized something: I totally sucked at configuring my collections.

Yes, the images looked great when I dropped them into this design.

3 piece wall gallery

But here’s the thing – I shot them with my vision in my mind: wide images that were composed with the surroundings; cropped to match what I envisioned, drawing in the sights and feel of our carefully chosen location. And then what happened?


I had to squeeze them into someone else’s idea of the perfect wall gallery (in this case, my photo lab.) Wide images were now tall images and square images. And as much as I loved the final products, I felt they were just outside of what I really wanted to give you.

What surrounds us is what is within us.
– T.F. Hodge

So here’s the deal, 2020: all of my photos will be wide. I want you to feel the expansiveness of our location. I want it to feel like looking out your window and being thrust into all that nature and everything the season has to offer.


I want this for you.



If this sounds awesome, get in touch.