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Carina in a nutshell: New Yorker in NoVA, geek, homebody, pastaholic, rescue cat mom, Netflix binger, Disney lover, Dracula lover, KISS fangirl, on a never-ending quest to control frizz and anxiety.

Whether you struggle with anxiety (like I do), have had a stressful day (toppling the patriarchy is hard work!), or you just spread yourself a little too thin on your social calendar (so many meetups your dog just cannot miss), you need a place of refuge: your home.

We help on-the-go dog moms slow their hustle by creating tranquil havens in their home that allow them to balance living loudly with resting beautifully.

Your home is the place you go to feel secure when your anxiety is in overdrive, to recharge after a long day of meetings and traffic, or to just breathe. And you know the calming canine magic that your dog delivers when you step through the door at the end of the day.


Whether with our signature course or our shiny new e-Magazine, we can help you honor that calming canine magic.


KISS Concerts


Books read


Hours vacuuming cat hair

    Carina Thornton

    If Carina's not running a half marathon or dancing madly in the front row of a KISS concert, you'll find her next to the fireplace, curtains drawn, snuggling with her 2 kitties and one of the 5 books she's in the middle of reading.