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Hounds and Hearth creates havens for homebodies by showcasing the awesomeness of dogs because anxiety sucks and dogs don't.

Carina in a nutshell: New Yorker in NoVA, geek, homebody, rescue cat mom, Netflix binger, simultaneously in love with all things Disney and Dracula, on a never-ending quest to control frizz and anxiety.


By now I’m sure you’re asking “Dog photography and home design?!” but for me the connection was simple.


Anxiety sucks and dogs don’t.


Whenever gnawing panic would creep in I’d always look for a quiet corner in our house, a warm blanket… and our dog. Today I snuggle kitties but I still look at my home as my haven – the place where I can go to feel secure, recharge, breathe.


I am the quintessential homebody. It sometimes feels like a crazy world out there (like build-a-blanket-fort crazy) and it can be a challenge to strike balance between participating in life and taking care of ourselves. I know you honor the connection with your dog and the comfort they bring you after a trying day.


I get it.

Are you ready to design your haven?


We’re here for you Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Visit Our Services for details on photo and design packages by the creator of Fuzzypants Photography. Get in touch today to chat about how we can help.


When my parents first adopted a little round puffball my dad thought their new puppy looked like “the buffing cloth I use to buff my car.”


That’s how we ended up with a boy named Buffy.




Who remembers Holly Hobbie? I know I’m dating myself but I remember that cute little rag doll very clearly. Our entire bedroom was decorated from head-to-toe in Holly Hobbie from sheets, to curtains, to the hand-painted lamp my mom made.





I left one particular dog off my “Hounds” list. My Reggie.


Reggie was my foster dog. I had the honor of giving a home to this hippo-headed, floppy-mouthed angel while he waited for his forever family.



Carina Thornton

If Carina's not running a half marathon or hiking the Appalachian Trail, you can find her in front of her fireplace, curtains drawn, snuggling with her 2 kitties and one of the 5 books she's in the middle of reading. How about you?


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