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Our Story Part III | Photography: Putting It All Together

I left one particular dog off my list. My Reggie.


Reggie was my foster dog. I had the honor of giving a home to this hippo-headed, floppy-mouthed angel while he waited for his forever family. I was about 17 or 18 years old, going to college at F.I.T, and working for an AKC-registered Boxer breeder when Reggie came into my life. His less-than-perfect physique made him the perfect pet if not the perfect show dog.

As a student majoring in photography, I was happy to test my skills on Reggie’s big ol’ face. After he went off to live with his forever family (which included the most adorable little girl), I was so happy to have those images of him. They aren’t great but they bring me back to days of playing with him and nights of the 2 of us squeezed into a twin bed.

I wish I could say I have photos of all of them. But I don’t.


Buffy was around when my parents were focused on a new baby. He was loved and cared for of course but the camera was pointed at me. We have a few Polaroids of Coco with alien eye-flare that are darkening with time. There are a few prints of Dawn and Margie but there are no negatives for reprints or wall art. The images of Oliver were taken when digital hit the market. I have digitals of him and they sadly only exist on an obsolete Zip disk. Remember those?


I wish I had more. I wish I had better. I wish I had bigger. I wish I had those faces sprinkled around each corner of my home. They are part of what makes a home a haven.


Our mission is to transform your home into your haven by offering uniquely crafted canine photo sessions with a touch of interior design.

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