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statue of liberty

At the heart of Hounds and Hearth

If I had to define the core pillar of Hounds and Hearth, it would be:


noun  ha·ven  \ ˈhā-vən \
1a place of safety refuge
2a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions
Every being on this planet should have a place where they feel safe, welcome, at home. I frequently try to shelter myself from the rage, hatred, and vitriol running rampant right now. But I can only stay quiet for so long. As much as an unleashed version of me is vulnerable to emergency-room-level panic attacks, I cannot remain quiet when this fundamental belief is threatened. We are literally taking *children* from the haven they find in their parent’s arms and herding them like cattle into unsafe, filthy conditions.
We need to be better. 
“When you see innocent kids being put in tents, sleeping on the floor after being ripped from their parents and your response is “Did they come here legally?”, we don’t have a difference in political opinion. We have a difference in morality.” – via Brandon Horan
What we can do:
1. Donate to The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES)
2. Join a march on Washington and Families Belong Together rally led by MoveOn and others. National RSVP Page: FamiliesBelongTogether.org
3. Find and contact your political representatives.
Hug your families. Be kind to each other. Be the haven.