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Finding Sunshine in the 2020 Hellscape

Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

I can’t even begin to describe the changes that emerged with Hounds and Hearth in 2020. The shattered plans, the epic pivot, the absence of dog snuggles and new friends.


When I changed from Fuzzypants Pet Photography to Hounds and Hearth, my ultimate goal was to have a lifestyle brand that catered specifically to dog moms (and their unique challenges) so I could guide them into a gorgeous home life with their furry bestie. Artwork, and recipes, and care tips, and decor, and all the cozy things!


Essentially a Joanna Gaines for dog moms!


But the plan was to do it in baby steps… photography for at least another year and then visual stories… and then a monthly e-book of photos and decor ideas… and then evolve into a larger magazine… and a coaching membership…


Gently. Naturally. Organically.


But nope – 2020 had other ideas. And that idea was basically to push me off a cliff, head-first into my ultimate dream brand. Photography sessions were ripped away before they started due to (absolutely needed) stay-at-home orders and necessary restrictions on non-essentials like photography services.


I stayed up late one Summer night putting together what would be the first issue of Hounds and Hearth Magazine. I gathered my favorite stories, collected some beautiful images (and they weren’t all mine which definitely takes a lot of getting used to!), and put the first issue out into the world. The feedback was overwhelmingly beautiful.


I launched my new “Claim Your Haven” membership with discomfort, and fear, and a shit-ton of second guessing and doubt. I believe in the program but I didn’t think it was ready to launch. Because I wasn’t ready to launch it. I was stuck in the never-ending procrastination cycle of “just one more change and it will be ready.”


And yet, you surprised me. I welcomed 10 of you into my world and I’ve been honored to watch you progress.


I knew photography was going to be phased out of Hounds and Hearth but I wasn’t prepared for the full stop. It didn’t leave gracefully and it didn’t give me time to mourn its loss. But it was necessary and I’m ok saying goodbye now because there is so much more to come.


And I am, indeed, very grateful.


~ Carina


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